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Point 18




My target audience is Chavers ages 14-26, they are partiers, ravers and they listen to EDM music. In my video I will have party scenes and its an EDM song, it also has an interesting and thrilling story line. My location plans are in a night club, in a shop and some outside around my school. For equipment I will be using tube lights, standard lighting. I will be using two cameras, my Nikon one and my iPhone 6s. I will be using Sony Venus pro for editing on my HP laptop. For my roles I will have Grace and Ben playing the two main characters and I will be using a lot of extras to fill in scenes that I need. My main extras will be a shopkeeper, a police wo(man) and I drug dealer. For effects I know I definitely want to use a CTTV camera effect for a scene, also I would like to use a swirl of colours for the party scene to show a slight use of drugs. Also I will be using black and white or faded colour to show a flash back. My last effect is spot colour for Graces red dress I really want it to stand out.

statement of Intent


The concept of my music video is a criminal love affair, the girl is more in love with the boy and the relationship is mildly abusive but she’s trapped. My inspirations are; End of the f***ing world and Bonnie and Clyde. Concept into genre (dance/performance)- I will have the song lip synced by the female lead and they will be taking part in nightclubs and parties etc… the element of dance will come I. My audience is chavers 15-26 year olds this kind of music video promotes a wishful lifestyle of the chavers as it includes a lot of parties and raves and some consumption of drugs but not in a user friendly way. Also it has a lot of excitement and rapid pace of a story line which is what young people look for in films. The video will fit the values as the end will be negative due to the bad acts they commit. The values of universal records are artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship I will be doing all these things. In my video i have two major roles male and female, there both between 15-24yrs old and that’s the targeted audience age group. There both white middle class actors which suits the record company the best. For mise-en-scene I will be setting the music video in present day and I will have key props for both characters that will be significant to both of them. My female lead will have a long flowy red dress which she will wear throughout. They both with have stand out makeup to give them recognisable features. For intertextuality when they rob the shop they will both be using prince Harry and Meghan Markel masks. It will also have classic robbery scenes.  The Meghan Markel mask represents that they are the perfect couple and this couple is taking the mick as they are the complete opposite. The red dress will represent blood and fear that the main female role will hind from her boyfriend. Also in the video during a party scene they do take illegal substances but I will be using skittles to show a childish take on drugs and substance abuse and how we take sugar intake more seriously than drug intake. The music video has a semi complex storyline and lip syncing cut into it. I will use a lot of natural light then in one scene I will be adding lots of effects to create a high. The music video is based on a crime life but ends in a bad way to put a negative light that kind of lifestyle